Titan HP Revisited - Good News!

     TLDR: Titans are 20% weaker than they used to be!

It is over a year since I looked at titan health back in Jan 2018.  When I started to check HP for the new campaign, the numbers were lower than I expected, so I also rechecked the other zones:

Turns out that at some stage since Jan 2018, titans got about 20% weaker (or gunship snipers got 20% more effective).

As the HP for DD / easy actually goes DOWN compared to Sierra / Headshot, the changes could be a glitch in update 1.5.0 so watch this space.

Reminder that these numbers are damage required to one-shot titans using GUNSHIP SNIPERS. You will need at least double these values for other weapons - details in the wiki.

Happy hunting! 😎
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