Time to say FAREWELL to my fellow ZGS mates

     Well the inevitable has happened and it's time for me to say goodbye to you all.
It's been an absolute pleasure interacting with you all.
Over my long journey I've seen many come and sadly many go.
This game has such potential for development that's being dismissed.
Special thanks to Aco319sig, Spirit-03, Tsar(RIP), Commander Doom, BattleAxeMax, BAMATIDE, Starfox12, RamboHachee, GD123, Vain_Butcher, Jim5-0, GIJoe77, JJDNFFC, Nigali and many more for the good ol days.
I wont be deleting my account just in case I pop in and see that it's being developed again.
Goodbye All and Good Luck!!! Its been a blast!!!
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