Trolling and ZGS trolls

     Before RamboHachee's recent post, I never paid particular attention to the phenomenon of trolling in ZGS. However, having committed myself to becoming a member of the "Troll Patrol", I became intrigued by this strange behaviour by a sub-group of the community. As a result, I've started researching trolling and, in particular, Internet trolling. I'll have more to say in future posts, once I have enough information to speak with some confidence and authority about the subject. What has emerged, however, from the little I have seen so far is that our own trolls do not really seem to fit the pattern. (possibly more about this in another post.)
The aim here appears to be influence score. But why? Why go to so much trouble for so little? It seems, at best, to be motivated by what can only be described by a puerile motivation. This is all the more so in view of the apparent consensus about inaccuracies in the influence scores and the regular wild swings in those scores... (see part 2)
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