A likely scenario or a nose wrinkling odour?

     Looking at the rankings this evening, I noticed, a player at no. 13 (and who moved up 1 place while I was writing this post), with the following statistics and odd features in his/her activities:
Influence score: 103
Followers: 1
Following: 0
Likes: 4
Topics 5
Replies: 1
Total replies to topics the player posted: 8
First post: June 2018; the last, a day ago
There appears to be a reasonable consistency in players replying to- & to whom he/she's replied
There are apparent inconsistencies in the 5 topics - the player is allegedly a level 30 player, but asks newbie questions. 
At least 1 vet has raised a suspicion about trolling, in a reply
Doesn't feature in all-time rankings (at least, in the top 50) - admittedly, on its own, this is not significant. I'm only at 81.

Do these features raise a nose wrinkling odour with anyone else, other than, as British sovereigns would say, "our trusty and well beloved" 5-0?
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