Satan’s Pitchfork: Frenzy style

     OK you guys want it, you guys got it!

Decided to record everything that happened from level 30 forward to give an idea of the effectiveness of Satan’s Pitchfork of Doom (SPoD).  Luckily, this catches a thrower, a walker and a giant in sequence so you get the idea of how it rolls. The first two are handled rather easily but you can see the latter is m@fo to kill.  

Please feel free to count the shots. Estimating 40 +/- 10. 

The legie L30s are about half of maxed one so these three together are just under half of a total maximum power of three legie GS25s. This mean that it would still take ~20 shot (probably more) to take one down after level 30. Keep in mind that in my video the mortar was blasting away as well. 

Enjoy the video and please give me commentary. Thanks!
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