Newbie Guide: Starting out your base with the almost trap defense

     Started a new account under MrPants_ to try to refresh the game by starting over. It’s been interesting playing since I know how to fully plan strategy and use tactics in the game. One of the areas is base defense and frenzy. 

As many vets know that locked structure are impassable to the Zs. Additionally, once your metal and supply sheds are destroyed they become impassable as well which is the cornerstone of the trap defense. Using these two quirks I have created an almost impregnable base setup for starting out. 

-Blue is the impassable wall
-Red is the citadel area where is almost impossible for Zs to get to the defensive structures (except throwers)
-Green shows the paths the Zs have for approach. Note how they have to go all the way around from one side to the other. Kept the grove on that side of the base for this purpose. 

So in keeping everything locked they have to weave in and out of barriers and can only approach through one narrow access point.
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