Loser compilation video

     Lol their pretty bad, the animations. Will be following up with next topic with tons of art. Song is The Flames of Love - Smokey Bennet & The Hoops. Yeah, lots of work for 18 seconds of animation. Video is posted in The_Phantom_Hub if you have discord (ahem you really should have discord). If you have problem watching video, watch it through website. Lol Iā€™m always out for suggestions from you guys (and gals). Is this the part where I rant?

Hope it was worth the +4 hrs of aimless working.
Expect art like, today or tmrw.
Thanks to everyone of Discord for helping me clean up the animations, and my followers, who like the topics and art I make...

š™ƒš™–š™„š™„š™® š™ƒš™¤š™”š™žš™™š™–š™®š™Ø!
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