1K and (Nearly) 100 Follower Special! Slash And Burn.

     "It's finally time to crush those damn badge-kissers once and for all. Are you ready, boys? HUH? LET'S GO!"

-Arken waved his revolver in the air as men wearing bulletproof vests, army gear, and biker clothing charged the line of enemies opposing them. Arken seemed slightly drunk on power, but his bold moves were countered by his brother Samuel's cunning tactics. The policeman, fighting hand-to-hand, gun-to-gun, were armed to the teeth and so were the marauders. Screams and growls were heard as men began to die and turn.-

"Break those traffic cop's backs, Move forward!"

-The Law Enforcement Force had held up at first, but the staggering advance of a small army of bikers, criminals, and traitors and the lack of SWAT support units signaled their end. Meanwhile, a man and a woman were defecting from the police force. A Staunch old wolf of a police officer and a woman with pep in her step dove into a squad car and abandoned their former comrades to their fates.-

"Hold em back-- UGH!!" *More and more police bit the dust, the Civil Defender unit completely broken, and policeman and TC units retreating with their tails between their legs as the Marauders razed their beloved stronghold to the ground. After a few minutes, a man leading his forces with his brother walked forward, grinning and executing turning zombies and marauders.. To be Continued.-
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