Unit idea: Anna.

     Name: Anna
Backstory: Is a civilian. More info available later.... still writing it...
Description: A master at self defense and something else.
Hp: 70
Damage: 20 (a switchblade) 
Fortune: 35
Speed: 15
Unit prepare: 25s
Unit water cost: 25
Unit cost to hire: 10000
Rank 10 unlock 
Special abilities: Block (has a chance to negate all damage from an attack), Assassination (has a chance to cut an enemy's hp down by 90%, chance 25%, useful against high hp enemies i.e. crank), and Knock back.
Turns into witch upon death.
Wears a green baseball cap, flannel shirt, and jeans. 
(Disclaimer Assassination doesn't work on the stage 8 boss)

Hope u like the idea of her.... she'll have an interesting.... no Spoilers though...
Sincerely Dean or Eagle....
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