Still a work in progress but...

     So after reading your suggestions on my last post, I’ve added a few things:
-I heard talk of a vest.. so.. yeah. There it is.

-I believe 2 people mentioned goggles/Nightvision. So KAPOW! NOW JEFF IS UNSTOPPABLE!



-I gave him a NVG gasmask combo as well. 

-his weird arm/pistol are still in the works.

And lastly a few other things I’d care to mention. I believe Feline Fine mentioned something about improving OG Jeff (we gonna call him that now). I’d like to keep the old one the same, but he’ll certainly be coming back eventually.

Also, I’ve been adding a LOT of new colors/items to Jeff that give him a tactical look. I’m aware other people out there have done Night vision goggles and such, but I’ve done my best to stay away from stealing y’alls mojo. 

If I ever accidentally copy someone’s look in ANY way, by all means comment or DM me and I’ll ditch the art if it really is too close for comfort. 

So yeah, I believe that’s it. Jeff’s weapons are still under development so leave your suggestions and I just might do one.

Have a lovely day and have a donut! 

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