The Outfitters: Buzz's story part 2...

     Story part 16 

Where we last left off... Buzz is alone at what was a safe zone...

Buzz gathers what he can and heads to the city. A bag of ammo, tent, some food and water, and some submachine guns. 
He leaves the area. A look of sadness is on his face.

A few hours later he makes it to the city.... 
Buzz: Dylan why'd you head here?
He begins to search the city.
He finds some marines and some navy zombies near a toppled barricade. The zombies were his friends... He makes sure they don't walk the earth anymore. He enters the place that was barricaded.
There's corpses everywhere. Most had bags over their heads and bullet holes in their heads. Shot execution style. Buzz checks the bodies none of them are Dylan. 
*a window gets busted out*
Buzz hides in the shadows. A girl walks out of the building. She looks completely terrified.  He steps out. She screams and runs back inside. He's not far behind. 
She stops in the building. Buzz manages to catch up to her. 
She pulls out a gun.
????: Sto...stop there or I'l...I'll shoot. 
Buzz puts his hands up. 
Buzz: I mean you no harm, I just want to know what happened here. 
????: Some people called maruaders stroked the place and slaughtered most of us, they took most of the girls here. 
She lowers the gun.
Buzz: Those bastards are gonna pay. Also did anyone else escape?
????: Yeah the leader of the soldiers, a guy named Dylan. 
Buzz: Great now where has my boss gone to. I'm Buzz by the way.
Anna: I'm Anna. 

Across town someone has run into the maruaders...
Sarah: Leave me alone. 
Maruader Cpt: No little girl. I want some fun. 
As he gets out of cover to shoot, she steps out and blasts him with a lever action sawed off shotgun. The maruader goes flying through the air into a snowbank. Blood stains the white snow. He's dead, but more are coming. She runs towards the area where Buzz and Anna are. 

Buzz hears some very distant gunshots.
Buzz: Anna get into the building I'll kill those bastards.
Anna: Right.
She runs into the building. There's a mounted machine gun in the window. She sits at it and waits.
Buzz runs toward the gunfire. 

He makes it a mile before he finds a small group of them. Buzz charges in guns blazing.
*Buzzt, buzzt* 
The group of maruaders lay dead. He reloads his Mac-10s, and continues toward what sounds like a huge gun fight.
As Buzz rounds a corner he gets hit by something. He looks at it... it's Sarah. 
Buzz: What the hell are you doing here?!?! 
Sarah: I could ask you the same thing.
Buzz: Get out of here there's maruaders out here. 
Sarah: That's why I'm trying to get away. 
Buzz: Wait you've seen them?
Sarah: Yes, but I'm not going back there. 
Buzz: Just tell me where they were then!
Sarah: Four blocks up ahead in a packing plant. I'm leaving now. This ain't worth dying for. 
She runs off into the city. Buzz turns his attention towards the packing plant.... 
To be Continued... 

Hope u like it... And I got done with it earlier than expected... hope u like it scoutsopinion.... And a new person is with Buzz now Anna... she'll be around quite a lot in the future... no spoilers though... thanks for reading the actual story... 
Sincerely Dean or Eagle....
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