Surviving Mission 141’s Horde.

     Its that type of mission in which it kinda forces you to beat incredibly fast or you’ll be overwhelmed easily. The horde consists of high HP locust and witch.

This level just requires you to have high DPS ranged units and some pretty good defense.

If you want to 3 star this level, you need some luck and hope Sheriff Bill kills those infected fast.


• Good substitutes for SpecOps is Ranger, Carlos, and Cap.
• Put all your rage obstacles into the front of your ranged units so they don’t die.
• High DPS units eliminates most hordes and zombies easily, don’t overdo it though.

In case you didn’t know, Locust has 200 HP and deals immense damage easily.

P.S. Currently I’m working on your ideas. This post is just me taking some time off from my work. :)
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