[LOG DATE 5/19] Infiltration

 I’ve signed a contract with some hot shot “R.E.D.” people. They don’t seem that friendly, but you just have to do some things sometimes. The camp has fallen on hard times lately. People have been leaving. The whole place is in a state of decay. The gang isn’t really doing well either. Most of them have split up. Codsworth is barely holding to together anymore. Sadie doesn’t want to trust anybody. Breaker is going to snap it pretty soon. Slasher? Oh, don’t even get me started. He joined some marauder group in Maine, then immediately died in a shootout. F*****g imbecile. Honestly, we don’t know what happened to Reed. He’s just...somewhere. He snuck away sometime last month. 

  I’m hoping this contract will do good. We could really use some motivation right now. Nobody wants to do anything. Everybody hates each other. It’s a matter of time until they all stab another to death Just wish that those R.E.D. guys weren’t lying, that would really blov
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