Dragon post #1 :)

     This is a story I made about dragons when I was seven. Changed it a little bit cause of some grammar mistakes XD

Ok (whoof) here we go.

   Once upon a time, of a universe of dragons. In a galaxy of bioluminescence. In the nebula of mixed feelings. In the system for the hidden treasures. Of the planet in the big, night sky. In the lake of the island of the sea of the planet. A bioluminescent lake, that is. Having a reason of the Little, joyful plankton that live there. After a few hundred, million, trillion years, they made it through the sea. Where some of them came out within their ability to adapt to their surroundings. But since they do only need to feed of the sunlight, they spread them selves over the small planet.

    Of the day of dawn, a still, small purple six-footer organism, (later to be known as "heliondercame charvils") came to life. It has hairs over it's body to trap the little plankton into it's body, then to absorb it. As it was very successful at doing so, it started to reproduce. Over and over they went, to eat and then later to reproduce more and more of itself. Soon, it began to eat their own kinds, it gave them more nutrition.

   The first to reach the tiny island on the planet was a little one of its kind. It find out it was the key to survive the rest. After a few thousand years, things became to evolve as never did before. They were twice as big now. Soon enough, most of them came to land to thrive. Some of them called land their home, some of them return to the sea, Eating the little bits of plankton. 

    One group in particular had a advantage. It used it's middle pair of limbs to frighten the rest. How, you may ask. As you do not know, it had 5 fingers. Four of them became longer and joint together with flippers. The one left for controlling. They expand and contract to frighten their enemies. If you haven't knew already, the group wit advantages can thrive, and gain their dominance.

That's it for dragon post #1, for more, stay tuned!
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