I love dragons + Eve's event

     1. *Poster*. 

    Hi. I made a dragon poster of a species I created (I love dragons) and it is the photo. Use it if you want, but you need my permission.

2. *Eve's event*

 Hello, I welcome you all to join my event. All you needed to do is to comment on this post. You need to comment a dragon species name (like red striped myli) BUT it must be created by you. After thatI might create a poster of it

Before you comment: 

a: make sure you have no spelling mistakes (or oops)

b: be sure to put a code at the back of your comment if you want to join. The code for replying to this post is **25680** if you don't put IT AT THE BACK OF YOUR REPLY,I WILL REGARD IT AS A NORMAL REPLY.

c: you can put a photo of it , clip it to your message.

d: remember that you can join too, the deadline is the 1st of January (1/1/2019)

e: the first 5 people who join will have a bigger chance of winning, I will CHOOSE ONE ONLY.

f:good luck (and have a happy dragon Christmas)
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