Secret Yak

     To unlock the Gearpunk Yak or the Secret Yak, you have to ride a Yak and you have to smash 10 animals in the mountains 🏔. When riding a Yak you have to consider that is not the best smasher because, is to big, even if maxed sensitivity will jump like crazy and will be hard to maneuver and also in the mountains you can’t get crash by mountains or fall to the mountain because, if you don’t have any space later of 1,000 meters or more. To get it you can do it at the beginning if you get lucky 🍀 with the animals staying together and it’s a lot easier and even if you fail you can use the Revive Raven if you mess up or you can’t do it, just revive when you’re on the Yak and you will still be counted your smashing to get it.
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