Christmas Update: Going the Distance

     Another year has gone by and it’s time to get those Christmas animals and costumes you might have missed or the new ones!

This will be a brief summary on my strategy! Especially for some players that feel they can’t go far and collect presents too slowly. As a sidenote, I enjoy the Xmas event as we don’t need to collect presents one by one which could be a bother.

My Strategy:

1) Starting on an animal that allows you to stay on it when it gets angry, or the one you can stay on longest. This is so that you don’t waste the lasso shrink before you even start getting presents. ⇨ Mine is the owl as it can smash smaller animals when angry and I can easily dodge obstacles.

2) Once presents are seen you can jump on the reindeer or crash into the bags of presents otherwise don’t waste the lasso shrink! Take note of the amount of presents in the bag and the sleigh. Always aim for the one with more presents! Especially the golden sleigh which gives about 10 presents.

3) If you aren’t very good at weaving through the animals, a good trick is to run along and follow the walls or the side of the path then deviate from that to get presents, then return to the sides.

4) While on a reindeer with a sleigh and the circle is filling up, remember to look for the bags as well and don’t only focus on the circle!

That’s it for now, if you have more tips post them down below to share with others! Also post anything else you’d like to share or ask about the event!
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