Tip #28 Removed Posts (Again)

     For those that are upset. I understand how you feel, I understand you want banned players back, I understand that it is frustrating to have posts removed because it has happened to me too.

BUT protesting in public doesn’t actually work. You could try to rally people but these players in the forum, most of them anyway CAN’T restore your posts and they CAN’T unban players. Admin or the system have the final say so instead of causing a scene maybe it would be more effective to discuss this with the admins in a more private way so as to not disturb the other players trying to seek help in the forum or post about animals.

By all means, you could ignore this and keep posting angry posts about having your posts removed and banned and such. I’m only providing advice or suggestions, you don’t need to listen to me haha!

But just know that the system will be around much longer than you will. You can keep posting, people will keep reporting and it will keep getting removed. It’s more likely that you will give up earlier than the system. So you might be wasting your time when you could be posting other things and boosting your influence and helping people.

Stay positive guys! Have fun! :)
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