Tip #27 Removed Posts

     I see that many players are upset about their posts being removed.

The simple solution is to just read the community guidelines posted by the admin and abide by them. I understand that some think it is very strict especially the part about posts having to relate to the game. The reason is that in the past there were major problems with different groups of people arguing with each other on topics unrelated to the game which is not what the forum is for. There are lots of other social media platforms to share everything else but this forum is mainly for people to seek help about the game or share their progress and game tips. It’s also better to stick with posts about the game so people that actually need help don’t need to scroll through so much spam to find what they want.

Finally, please do not blame the admin for removing your posts. They ONLY remove posts when someone reports them (as it may have offended the person reporting or if someone deems it inappropriate). If nobody reports, they don’t remove it.
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