Robin Should Walkthrough

     As requested by SPRING BONNIE, here’s a guide on how to find Robin Should.

I started on an owl as I find it easier. However for those that think it’s too fast, jumping on llamas are a good alternative as they don’t decrease lasso size when fully upgraded.

There are two methods. First one which is in this video is to jump on an eagle that is on the first platform (located off the main path). Note that the eagle is not always there. Once jumping on that eagle, fly further away from the main path.

Second method not shown in the video is simply following the bushes on the main path. Usually there’s a line of 3 or so bushes pointing off the main path. Quickly throw yourself off the road (suggest using llamas as they throw quite far). You will see Robin Should. This method though requires more precision as a slight change in the angle could make you miss it completely.

Comment below if you still have questions or if you have requests. Also check out my secret animals guide in the recommended posts for more!
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