How to get money quick

     Hey! It’s definitely hard when you want to buy zoo upgrades or a new map but can’t. Don’t worry I know the feeling. But don’t worry here are a few ways that you can get money faster without having to spend any real life money on it. 

1. Pick up all crates in your run. Whatever map your on there are going to be crates. If you pick them up you’ll be securing yourself a little bit of extra money. 

2. Watch ads to double your money. After a run it may say that you’ve gotten a certain amount of money and would you like to double it by watching and ad. I know some people aren’t bothered to watch the ads but think of it. You get extra money without spending any real money and your helping the developers out. 

3. Participate In the challenges. The developer (who’s username I forgot) releases challenges a lot and with them come great prizes including money and animals. Make sure you give these a go because you never know, you could win it!

4. Collect any money you can see around your zoo. There are always some coins floating around and all you need to do is collect them again for some extra cash. 

5. Upgrade the ticket money from your animals. In the upgrades you are able to increase ticket money. Do it! Every zoo trip from then on will give you more money which definitely makes it worth it. 

I hope these helped you. If they did please like this post and follow if you want to see any future posts of mine.
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